Ordinances & Resolutions

All Ordinances are on file with the City Clerk.

Ordinance No 423 Adoption of Code

City Code Chapter I-General Provisions
City Code Chapter II-Administration
  Ordinance 429-Repeal Section II-4 of Chapter II
  Ordinance 501- Amending Section II-6 of Chapter II
  Ordinance 449-Amending Section II-7 of Chapter II
  Ordinance 456-Section II-10 of Chapter II Planning Commission
City Code Chapter III- Animals and Fowl
  Ordinance 622-Amending Chapter III
  Ordinance 436-Amending Chapter III Section III-1(B)
City Code Chapter IV-Municipal Cemeteries
  Ordinance 424-Amending Section I(C) of Chapter IV
City Code Chapter V- Refuse Collection
  Ordinance 425-Amending Section V-1(D) of Chapter V
  Ordinance 461-Amending Section V-1(G) of Chapter V
  Ordinance 441-Amending Paragraphs "F" and "G" of Section V-1 of Chapter V
  Ordinance 597-Amending Section V-2(C) of Chapter V
City Code Chapter VI-Municipal Water
  Ordinance 443-Amending Paragraph S of Section VI-1 of Chapter VI
  Ordinance 433-Amending Section U of Chapter VI
  Ordinance 641-Amending Chapter VI
  Ordinance 489-Amending Section VI-5 of Chapter VI
  Ordinance 441-Amending Paragraphs "A" and "B" (1) (C) of Section VI-4 of Chapter VI
City Code Chapter VII- Wastewater and Sewer
  Ordinance 490-Amending Chapter VII
  Ordinance 437-Amending Chapter VII
  Ordinance 508-Amending Chapter VII
  Ordinance 441-Amending Paragraphs E of Section VII-1 of Chapter VII
  Ordinance 637-Amending Chapter VII
City Code Chapter VIII-Trash and Non-Operable Vehicles
  Ordinance 451-Amending Chapter VIII
City Code Chapter IX- Public Records
City Code Chapter X-Uniform Public Offenses
  Ordinance 639-Amending Section X-1 of Chapter X
City Code Chapter XI-Buildings, Structure, Codes and Licenses
City Code Chapter XII-Plumbing and Drain Laying
City Code Chapter XIII-Sidewalks, Alleys and Lots
City Code Chapter XIV-Cereal Malt Beverage and Intoxicating Liquors
  Ordinance 442-Amending Chapter XIV
City Code Chapter XV-Mobile Homes and House Trailers
  Ordinance 452-Amending Chapter XV
City Code Chapter XVI-Municipal Court
City Code Chapter XVII-Zoning and Subdivision Regulations
  Ordinance 445-Amending Section XVII-1(C) of Chapter XVII
  Ordinance 446-Amending Section XVII-1(D), Section XVII-2(A) of Chapter XVII
City Code Chapter XVIII-Standard Traffic Ordinance
  Ordinance 638-Amending Section XVIII-1,XVIII-2,XVIII-4 of Chapter XVIII
  Ordinance 574-Amending Section XVIII-7of Chapter XVIII
  Ordinance 483-Repealing Section XVIII-9 of Chapter XVIII
  Ordinance 470-Amending Chapter XVIII

Ordinance 588- Trees and Shrubs
Ordinance 589-Health, Weed and Motor Vehicle Nuisances
Ordinance 591-Dangerous and Unfit Structures
Ordinance 601-Fireworks
Ordinance 631-Special Use-Purpose Vehicle
  Ordinance 640-Amending Section 6-01 of Ordinance 631
Ordinance 632-Municipal Court Cost